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Updated:April 13, 2020

Chiba's Rich Food Culture

Chiba Prefecture is located on the Boso Penninsula, a land blessed with lengthy coastlines and abundant green hills, and its agriculture, forestry, and fishing industries have a long history. Chiba's bountiful seas and rich lands provide the local culinary culture with a wide variety of ingredients and products for use in its traditional dishes and cooking methods.


Chiba Prefecture is located on the Boso Penninsula, with coastlines along the Pacific Ocean and Tokyo Bay. Many of Japan's major fishing grounds make their home in the prefecture, including Choshi Port. Its Japanese sardine, anchovy, and sea bass harvests rank among the top in Japan. Chiba is also known for its abalone, Japanese spiny lobster, alfonsino, as well as many other seafood products.

Vegetables and Fruits

Blessed with a moderate climate and fertile lands, Chiba Prefecture has a vibrant agricultural industry. Chiba is one of Japan's top producers of vegetables such as onions, daikon, spinach, sweet potatoes, and carrots; and fruits such as pears, watermelon, and loquats. Chiba's most famous agricultural product is its specialty peanuts. Chiba is also known for its floral industry.

Meat and Dairy Products

Chiba Prefecture's livestock and dairy farming industries have a long and vibrant history. In addition to its various fine quality meats and dairy products, such as milk and cheeses, the prefecture is also one of the leading producers of eggs in Japan. Ranches that offer a taste of dairy farming are also popular attractions in Chiba.

Local Dishes of Chiba

The Boso Peninsula has many local dishes born out of the rich culture and lifestyle of the region. Futomaki festival sushi is a type of sushi from Chiba which has also become popular overseas, enjoyed both for its taste and visual appeal. It is made by taking large portions of ingredients and molding them into various beautiful designs, such as butterflies or flowers. Please come and enjoy cuisine that can only be found here in Chiba Prefecture.


The production of the Japanese condiment soy sauce, made from fermented soybeans, is a vibrant industry in Chiba. The climate and conditions of the region have allowed soy sauce production to thrive here since ancient times. Today, the cities of Choshi and Noda are home to factories of Japan's leading soy sauce producers. In addition, there are also many sake and local beer breweries to choose from in Chiba.