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Updated:March 14, 2022

BOSO Adventure Tours - Minamiboso Cycling Tour

The Boso Peninsula, which is situated between Tokyo and the Pacific Ocean, comprises most of Chiba Prefecture, and is a common destination for visitors from all over the Tokyo area who enjoy outdoor recreation. The mountainous southern half of the peninsula, known as Minamiboso (southern Boso), is where a sightseeing tour called BOSO Adventure Tours operates. Their single-day tours are tailored to those who are looking to experience the beauty of the Minamiboso countryside, whether you are staying in Chiba or looking for an accessible day trip from Tokyo.

I participated in one of their cycling tours, but if you want to learn about their other cycling tours, e-bike tours, hiking tours, or culture tours, you can visit their website https://bosoadventure.com/( External link )

The tour I joined started from their base at the Heguri Club House, a hangout for local cycling clubs. The English-speaking staff at BOSO Adventure Tours can arrange for pick up from the JR Uchibo Line’s Iwai Station, or you can come via a highway bus (from Tokyo Station, Shinjuku Station, Yokohama Station, Haneda Airport, or Chiba Station) and be picked up at the Highway Oasis Furari bus stop. Upon arrival at the Heguri Club House, I was fitted with a road bike and a helmet, and given an explanation about our 40km ride.


I took the Limited Express Shinjuku Sazanami train, which runs from Tokyo, along Tokyo Bay, to southern Chiba.


After a relaxing ride, I got off at JR Iwai Station where I was greeted by the BOSO Adventure Tours staff.


All ready to go at the Heguri Club House.


And we're off!


Arriving at Haraoka Beach in Minamiboso City.


The picturesque Haraoka Pier. On clear days, you can see Mt. Fuji!


Our route took us by Daifuku-ji Temple.


Arriving at Jiroemu for lunch.



The thatched roof of Jiroemu’s "Nagayamon" gate is a remnant of a bygone era. This property has been in the family for 14 generations, over 300 years.



The meals at Jiroemu consists of all home-grown natural ingredients.



A meal worth riding 40km for. Let's eat!



Our local mascot Chiba-kun invites you to visit Chiba Prefecture for your next cycling adventure!