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Updated:May 12, 2022

View Minamiboso’s Pacific Coast by Drone

Minamiboso City is located on Chiba Prefecture’s southern coast, and was the site for this video shoot. The Nojimasaki Lighthouse stands on Cape Nojima, the southernmost point in Chiba, and is the first location we visited for this video. All along the Minamiboso coast you’ll find rows of rock that have long weathered wave erosion, creating formations that resemble Japanese “byobu” sliding screens. For this filming, we checked out the view at the Byobuiwa at Shirahama.

Nojimasaki Lighthouse, Google Plus Map Code: WV2Q+M8 Minamiboso, Chiba
Byobuiwa at Shirahama, Google Plus Map Code: WR5J+75 Minamiboso, Chiba

Tatsuro Sugawara Photography, instagram: tatts2016