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Updated:November 30, 2020

Yoro Valley Waterfall and Hot Spring Walking Tour

Awamata Falls 粟又の滝
Konjin Falls 金神の滝
Goriyaku-no-yu Hot Springs ごりやくの湯

For this model day trip, we visited the Yoro Valley (Yorokeikoku), located in the heart of Chiba Prefecture. The goal of this trip was to get out in nature, do a little easy hiking, and enjoy a meal and a relaxing bath at a local hot spring. On our course we stopped by Awamata Falls, Konjin Falls, and Goriyaku-no-yu hot springs, all of which are within walking distance of each other. The autumn leaves tend to peak in early December here in the Yoro Valley, but we were lucky enough to catch some views of the leaves starting to change color when we visited in late November.


We started at Awamata Falls, which is just a 5-minute walk from the Awamata Falls bus stop. There is also paid parking available across from the entrance to the falls at the Takimien Inn.


You can follow the walking path across the river to the other side of the falls.


From the falls, you can continue walking along the river for about another 2km (about 1.25 mi).


From the Awamata Falls entrance, it was just a 1km (.6 mi) walk to our next destination, Goriyaku-no-yu hot springs.


Before enjoying a meal and a bath, we walked from the hot spring parking lot down to the walking trail that goes toward Konjin Falls.


Along the way, our friend and Chiba Prefecture mascot, Chiba-kun, enjoyed the red momiji leaves.


The views of the fall foliage in the Yoro Valley are known as some of the best in the prefecture.


At last, we arrived at the torii gate in front of Konjin Falls.


You can walk right up to the base of the approx. 35-meter (100 feet) high falls.


From there, it was about a 15-minute walk back to the Goriyaku-no-yu hot springs for some lunch.


After a day of walking you can reward yourself with a warm hot spring bath.


Take in one last view of the forested hills of the Yoro Valley as you relax in the outdoor baths.

Public Transportation Access: This area of the Yoro Valley can be accessed by bus from the Kominato Railway or Isumi Railway. Buses headed for Awamata Falls and the Goriyaku-no-yu hot spring depart from Yorokeikoku Station (Kominato Railway) and Kazusa-Nakano Station (last stop on both the Kominato Railway and the Isumi Railway).

Google Maps Plus Codes:
Awamata Falls: 659J+MX Otaki, Chiba
Goriyaku-no-yu: 657P+H6 Otaki, Chiba
Konjin Falls: 657R+82 Otaki, Chiba

Goriyaku-no-yu homepage (Japanese) https://www.goriyakunoyu.jp/