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Updated:September 17, 2014

Sawara, known as better than Edo

Just one "fly" from Narita Airport will take you to the fascinating old days!

Narita Int'l Airport

JR Sobu Line (Rapid) - JR Narita Sta. - JR Narita Line

JR Sawara Sta.

Rental bicycle


Katori Jingu Shrine

A venerable shrine which was built more than 2,000 years ago and the treasure house is a must-see.


Mitsubishi-kan (Sawara Machinami Koryu Kan)

The prefecture's most renowned western-style architecture that houses visitor center and rest space.


“Machigurumi” Museum at home

Each of the museums exhibit their own inner structures or traditional artifacts.


Historic House of Inoh Tadataka

Both a house and a store where Tadataka Inoh lived.


Toyo (Jya-Jya) Bridge


Inoh Tadataka Memorial Hall

A memorial dedicated to Tadataka Inoh.


Koedo-Sawara Small Boat Trip

A small boat trip where you can enjoy the scenery along Ono river that runs through the center of Sawara

JR Sawara Sta.

Express bus

JR Tokyo Sta.