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Updated:September 17, 2014

Sotobo Area; Onjuku and Katsuura(Day 1)

Extravagantly feel the blessings of the sea and the warmth of the land created by mother Pacific! 

  • Day 1

JR Tokyo Sta.

 approx. 2h by JR Sobu & Sotobo Line (Rapid)

JR Onjuku Sta.

 8 min.

Mexico Park / Mexico Monument

Built in commemoration of the event in 1609 where local people rescued the crews and passengers from the stranded Mexican ship.

Japanese Lobster

This Sotobo Area boasts the largest hauls of Japanese lobster.

 15 min.

Tsuki-no-Sabaku Memorial Park


 7 min.

JR Onjuku Sta.

 6 min. by JR Sotobo Line

JR Katsuura Sta.

Walk to the hotel

Katsuura Hot Spring

Southern Boso also has a number of hot springs in various spots.