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Updated:April 20, 2020

Mt. Nokogiriyama & Tokyo Bay Ferry

Enjoy a ride up Mt. Nokogiriyama on the Ropeway cable car, see one of the largest Daibutsu (a great statue of Buddha) in Asia, and enjoy the sunset on the ferry ride across Tokyo Bay.

JR Chiba Station or JR Kisarazu Station

80 min. by the JR Uchibo Line

*JR Express Trains also run from Tokyo Station to Hamakanaya Station.

JR Hamakanaya Station


Nokogiriyama Ropeway Station


Mountaintop Station

Mt. Nokogiriyama & Nihonji Temple

Mt. Nokogiriyama is a saw-toothed mountain offering thrilling views from atop its cliffs. You can also visit Japan's largest Buddha statue there.


Nokogiriyama Ropeway Station

Nokogiriyama Ropeway



Kanaya Shrine

Built in 720, it was dedicated to the main guardian gods of the Kanaya area.

15 min.

The Fish

A local marketplace with a restaurant and souvenir shops.


Kanaya Art Museum

Wood Block Prints and other artworks.


Kanaya Port

35 min. via Tokyo Bay Ferry

Tokyo Bay Ferry

A comfortable 40-minute ferry across Tokyo Bay.

Kurihama Port


Keiyu Kurihama Station

Keiyu Line for Oshiage

Keikyu Yokohama Station

*Instead of taking the ferry, you can also return by train from Hamakanaya Station. JR Express Trains run from Hamakanaya Station to Tokyo Station, or you can return to Chiba/Kisarazu via the JR Uchibo Line from Hamakanaya Station.