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Updated:September 17, 2014

Cycle Tourism

Chiba Prefecture has established some recommended cycle roads that take cyclists past tourist sites of interest, and is promoting “Cycle Tourism.” Here is some information on two of the ten cycle roads.

The routes include Cycle Stations, where you can have a break and there are tools for simple repairs and air pumps, contributing to a pleasant cycling environment. Why not get a taste of cycling in the rich nature and culture of Chiba Prefecture, now easier than ever to access from the capital region?

Follow these five rules, and enjoy safe cycling!

  1. Bicycles should be kept on the road as a rule, and on footpaths only in special cases
  2. Keep to the left on roads
  3. Pedestrians on footpaths have priority. Keep near the road and reduce your speed
  4. Follow safety rules
  5. Wear a helmet