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Updated:September 17, 2014

Ayame-Matsuri (June.9 UP)

Suigo Sahara Iris Festival / Suigo Sahara Suisei Shokubutsuen (Suigo Sahara Aquatic Botanical Garden) (Katori City)

Irises will come into full bloom at the Suigo Sahara Aquatic Botanical Garden, a beautiful spot that makes the most of the water and greenery of Suigo Tsukuba Quasi-National Park. The garden’s approximately 6 hectares of land are covered with 400 varieties of 1.5 million irises bathing the park in purple.
The Iris Festival is held from Saturday, May 31th to Sunday, June 29th (8:00 - 18:30).
Different varieties of irises with chic names like Fujibakama and Dainagon bloom in white, purple and yellow in their various zones. There are also rich varieties of Edo, Ise and Higo flowers, making the park famous for the largest collection of irises.

Admission: Adult - 700 yen, Elementary and junior high students – 350 yen (during the Iris Festival)
Transportation: 25-minute shuttle bus ride from JR Narita Line’s Sahara Station to Suisei Shokubutsuen (Aquatic Botanical Garden)
*Fare—500 yen for junior high school students and above, service offered during the Iris Festival only.

http://www.suigo-sawara.ne.jp/(External link)