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Updated:September 17, 2014

Golf Information

Golf course information

Chiba Prefecture has many golf courses. Many people utilize them because of easy access. Some golf courses have employees who can speak foreign languages, and take you to and bring you from the station or airport, so that you can enjoy the play at ease.

Bay Area - Tokatsu Area

Kazusa Country Club

http://www.kazusamonarch.com/( External link ) (Japanese)

Hokuso Area

Skyway Country Club

http://www.skywaycc.com/( External link )(Japanese)

TAIHEI Country Club

http://www.taiei.cc/( External link ) (Japanese)

Glissando GOLF CLUB

http://www.glissando.jp/( External link ) (Japanese)

Kazusai and Minami-Boso Area

ANEGASAKI Country Club

http://www.heiwanosan.co.jp/anegasaki/( External link ) (Japanese)

LOTTE Minayoshidai Country Club

http://minayoshidai-golf.jp/( External link ) (Japanese)

Minami-Ichihara Golf Club

https://reserve.accordiagolf.com/golfLinkCourseDetail/?tab=1&gid=143( External link ) (Japanese)

Japan PGA Golf Club

http://www.pga.co.jp/( External link ) (Japanese)

The Country Club Japan

http://www.ccjapan.jp/site.html( External link ) (Japanese)

Camellia Hills Country Club

http://www.camelliahills.com/( External link ) (Japanese)

Kanozan Golf Club

http://www.kanozan.co.jp/( External link ) (Japanese)

Royal Star Golf Club

http://www.royalstar-gc.com/( External link ) (Japanese)