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Updated:April 26, 2019

Local Railway

Choshi Electric Railway Line

Choshi Electric Railway Line is a 6.4 km electric railway from JR Choshi station to Tokawa station.


Choshi Electric Railway Line specialty “Nure Senbei (soft rice cracker)”

In Choshi city, there is a large soy saucefactory. The unique textured rice cracker made using its soy sauce is Choshi city’s specialty.

Sightseeing spots

Inubohsaki Lighthouse

Inubohsaki Lighthouse is a white tower rising at the tip of the vigorous Inuboh Promontory. This first-rankWestern style lighthouse was constructed by Richard Henry Brunton, an English architect, in 1874, beingthe 24th lighthouse in Japan.

The lighthouse has a tall tower (31.57 meters) ranking second among thebrick buildings existing in Japan and emits a light of 2 million candelas in luminous intensity via first-class four lenses. It is a lighthouse second to none in Japan both in name and reality. From the platform on the top of a corkscrew staircase of 99 steps, you can experience a spectacular viewas if you were in a solitary island far out on the Pacific Ocean. 7 minutes’ walk from Inubo Sta., Choshi Electric Railway Line.

Choshi Port Tower

Choshi Port Tower is a 57.7-meter high twin tower. Its observatory located in the 4th floor commands amagnificent view of the Pacific Ocean and an animated scene of a fishery harbor. Port Tower“ Uosse” Stop, Misaki-meguri Sightseeing Shuttle Bus (Will run until the end of March 2008.)20 minutes’ ride on Chibakotsu Bus for Kawagushi-Kurohae-Port Center.

Chikyu no Maruku Mieru Oka Ocean View Observatory

The observatory is located at the top of Atagoyama Hill (73.6 meters high), one of theheights of the Shimousa Terrace. It commands aboundless ocean view, sometimes including evenMt. Fuji, on the east and south as well as anextensive view from the Kashima Sea to Mt.Tsukuba on the north. On the west, you canglance over another expanse of waters fromByobu-ga-Ura Creek to Kujukuri Beach. A360-degree panorama around you from theobservation platform (90 meters above sea level)lets you personally experience through the arcinghorizon that the Earth is a globe.

You can alsoexperience a beautiful view of the Sun settinginto the ocean till about the middle of February. Chikyu Tembodai Stop, Misaki-meguri Sightseeing Shuttle Bus (Will run until the end of March 2008.) 15 minutes’ walk from Inuboh Sta., Choshi Electric Railway Line.

Byobu-ga-Ura Creek

Byobugaura is a 10 km-long magnificent seacoast cliff, roughly shaved by wave erosion. This cliff is even sometimes called the Dover of the Orient.

Dolphin Watching

Choshi Ocean Institute conducts dolphin / whale watching cruises throughout the year.For details, please visit our website. (Japanese) http://www.irukanet.com/choshi/


Kominato Railway

Station of Uchibo line in Chiba to Kazusa-Nakano Station. The total length of the line is 39.1 km.

the railroad line still remains unsophisticated. Some of traditional old wooden stations along the line operate with no station staff, where a conductor gets off the train every time it stops at one of those stations to collect tickets from passengers while casually talking to them.


Isumi Railway

A railroad line running through Isumi city and Ohtaki-machi in Chiba prefecture.

Between Ohohara station and Kazusa Nakano station, Isumi line consists of fourteen stations. At the Kazusa Nakano station, it connects to Kominato railway which runs from there to Goi station of JR Uchiboh line. Isumi and Kominato railroad lines consecutively run across Bosoh Peninsula, through a historical castle town and in a townscape with abundant nature.


Sightseeing spots

Yoro Valley

In Yoro keikoku Valley a natural gas-based mineral hot-spring spa is one of those spots amusing visitors.

Umegase Valley

Known as one of the best autumn tints points alongside of continuous shallows with banks whose height is several tens of meters.


Mt. Daifuku

285m in height.

From the observation deck the scenery of hills in Bosoh region spreads in an all-around view.


Awamata Falls

Known as one of the best 100 autumn tints spots in Japan.


Valley cruise bus

Cruise bus lines. One of them runs from Yoro keikoku station to Kurimata Falls, and the other from Kazusa nakano station to Kurimata Falls, allowing passengers to get on and off anywhere.

To get on: Raise your hand while a bus is approaching.

To get off: Push a beep button 50m behind the point you want to get off.


Sightseeing spots

Kururi water

Knows as one of the best 100 water selections in Heisei era.

The water is discharging from the large amount of groundwater resulted from rain falling on Mt. Kiyosumi.

Along the national road the water is available for free.

Kururi Castle

Kururi Castle is a renowned castle that lasted from the Warring States Period to modern times in Boso.

The castle tower is a reinforced concrete two-layer three-story building, built next to the site of the donjon in Shiroyama Park. It has a total floor area of 190 m2 and a height of 15 m.

Kururi Castle is also called Ujou (rainy castle) – it is said that it rained every three days, 21 times in total during the construction of the castle.

Kameyama lake