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Updated:September 17, 2014

Enjoy a Local Train Tour in Spring (March, 4, 2013 UP)

Rape blossoms in full bloom are viewed best from Isumi Railway trains (Isumi-Ohtaki).

Isumi Railway

A railroad line running through Isumi city and Ohtaki-machi in Chiba prefecture. Between Ohohara station and Kazusa Nakano station, Isumi line consists of fourteen stations. At the Kazusa Nakano station, it connects to Kominato railway which runs from there to Goi station of JR Uchiboh line. Isumi and Kominato railroad lines consecutively run across Bosoh Peninsula, through a historical castle town and in a townscape with abundant nature.

Rape blossoms at their best from late in February through early in April

Winning the cooperation of a great number of volunteers, rape blossoms are widely grown along the Isumi Railway line.
These rape blossoms are at their best from late in February through early in April every year. Of the entire Isumi Line of 26.8 km long, about half the line (13 km, 53,000 m2) remains covered with a yellow carpet of rape blossoms.
It’s really amazing! 

Enjoy the peaceful Boso Peninsula countryside in early spring on a scenic trip through the Isumi Line. 

Otaki Castle

The Otaki Castle Branch of the Natural History Museum and Institute, Chiba is a unique museum with a castle tower structure. The museum was built on the site of the donjon of Kazusa Otaki Castle, which is a historical location designated by Chiba Prefecture.

This museum functions as a specialized museum that exhibits and introduces historical materials related to arms and weapons, castles, samurai society, etc., from medieval times to modern times in Boso. It is also a community museum that introduces regional cultural assets in the Sonan area.

Katsuura Morning Market

The Katsuura morning market, which has continued for over 400 years, is one of the three major morning markets in Japan with about 80 venders selling diverse products, such as seasonal vegetables, fresh fish, dried fish, seeds and seedlings, and other goods.
The morning market is open on Shimohoncho Asaichi St. from the 1st to the 15th every month, and on Nakahoncho Asaichi St. from the 16th to the end of the month, from 6 am till around 11 am.

Kominato Railway

Station of Uchibo line in Chiba to Kazusa-Nakano Station. The total length of the line is 39.1 km.
the railroad line still remains unsophisticated. Some of traditional old wooden stations along the line operate with no station staff, where a conductor gets off the train every time it stops at one of those stations to collect tickets from passengers while casually talking to them.