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  • 成田山表參道
  • 航空科學博物館
  • 成田夢牧場
  • 水鄉佐原水生植物園
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Points of Interest Around Narita Airport

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About Us

We, Narita Airport Area International Tourism Promotion Association, are an official non-profit organization supported by local governments around Narita International Airport including Narita-city, Sakura-city, Katori-city, Sakae-town, Shibayama-town and Chiba Prefectural Government.
Tourists can reach Narita area in no time from the airport. This area is the best place for visitors from abroad, especially for the ones who don’t have much time to visit other areas. The Narita area has unlimited exciting spots including historical sites, superb restaurants, fine museums and more.


Chiba Prefectural Government

Tourism Promotion Division, Commerce,
Industry and Labor Department
Chiba Prefectural Government

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Tourist Information about three cities and three towns
around Narita International Airport

Narita area has Narita International Airport, the gateway to Japan,
and the inherited traditional industries and historical culture are breathing in the area.
Thus it is an attractive tourist spot where traditional
and modern Japan coexist in good harmony.

  • Narita City
  • Sakura City
  • Katori City
  • Sakae Town
  • Shibayama Town
  • Shisui Town