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Chikyu no Maruku Mieru Oka Ocean View Observatory

The observatory is located at the top of Atagoyama Hill (73.6 meters high), one of theheights of the Shimousa Terrace. It commands aboundless ocean view, sometimes including evenMt. Fuji, on the east and south as well as anextensive view from the Kashima Sea to Mt.Tsukuba on the north. On the west, you canglance over another expanse of waters fromByobu-ga-Ura Creek to Kujukuri Beach. A360-degree panorama around you from theobservation platform (90 meters above sea level)lets you personally experience through the arcinghorizon that the Earth is a globe.

You can alsoexperience a beautiful view of the Sun settinginto the ocean till about the middle of February. Chikyu Tembodai Stop, Misaki-meguri Sightseeing Shuttle Bus (Will run until the end of March 2008.) 15 minutes’ walk from Inuboh Sta., Choshi Electric Railway Line. 

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