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Niemonjima floating in the sea at the front of Futomi beach in Kamogawa in Southern Boso Peninsula is possessed by a private owner.
The 30,000 m2 island is known by its scenic beauty and the legends of Minamoto Yoritomo and Nichiren, a Buddhist monk.
The island has a residence made in the Tokugawa period and Bashozuka, as well as stone tablets inscribed with haiku composed by Mizuhara Oushi, Tomiyasu Fusei, and Suzuki Masajo.
The island is designated as a place of scenic beauty by Chiba Prefecture and selected as one of Shin Nihon Hyakkei (newly-selected 100 beautiful sceneries in Japan).
Only one residence possessed by Hirano Niemon has been standing since more than 800 years ago.
You can go to the island on a rare old-style boat with two paddles within about five minutes. You can walk around the entire island within about 50 minutes.

Basic Information


Kamogawa City, Chiba



Toilet Facilities


By Car

Approx. 60 minutes by car via Boso Skyline, Kamogawa Toll Road, and Route 128 from Kimitsu IC on Tateyama Expressway.

By Train

Approx. 12 minutes on foot to the ferry from Futomi Stn. on JR Uchibo Line.


Approx. 5 minutes by boat.

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This information is information as of September 17, 2014.

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