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Nihon Aerobics Center

A major complex resort equipped with a lodging facility, restaurant, various types of sports facilities, pool, conference room, and the like, in a vast site with a total area of 3.3 million m2, in Boso.
About 50 minutes from Ichikawa Interchange (Keiyo Road) or Ichikawa Junction (Tokando: Higashi Kanto Expressway) toward Tokyo.
Itakura Interchange (Toke / Kongoji Exit) after changing to Chiba Sotobo Toll Road, from Omiya Interchange on Chiba Tougane Road, via Higashi Kanto Expressway or Keiyo Road.

Basic Information


Nagara Town, Chiba




By Bus

About 20 minutes by complementary shuttle bus from Honda Stn. on JR Sotobo Line.

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This information is information as of September 17, 2014.