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Inubosaki Lighthouse

Inubohsaki Lighthouse is a white tower rising at the tip of the vigorous Inuboh Promontory.
This first-rank Western style lighthouse was constructed by Richard Henry Brunton, an English architect, in 1874, being the 24th lighthouse in Japan.
The lighthouse has a tall tower (31.57 meters) ranking second among the brick buildings existing in Japan and emits a light of 2 million candelas in luminous intensity via first-class four lenses.
It is a lighthouse second to none in Japan both in name and reality.
From the platform on the top of a corkscrew staircase of 99 steps, you can experience a spectacular view as if you were in a solitary island far out on the Pacific Ocean.

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Choshi City, Chiba

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7 minutes’ walk from Inubo Sta., Choshi Electric Railway Line One-minute walk from Inubohsaki Tohdai Iriguchi Stop, Misaki-meguri Sightseeing Shuttle Bus (Will run until the end of March 2008.)

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