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Shibayama Kohun-Haniwa-Museum

In Shibayama town, which was once regarded as the center base of Musa, over 500 ancient burial mounds (Kohun) were created.
A museum located at a corner of Shibayama Park displays exhibits focused only on the Kohun period, and aims to be a local museum that specializes in researching and exhibiting ancient burial mounds (Kohun) and burial mound figures (Haniwa) in Boso.
In particular, Haniwas excavated from burial mounds in the prefecture will captivate viewers, with their beautiful display of ancient formative arts of a realistic and magnanimous style.
On exhibition are archaeological relics, such as Haniwas and clay pots that were excavated from within Chiba prefecture, and even reconstructed dwellings, enabling viewers to peek into the culture and the way of life in the Kohun period.

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Shibayama Town, Chiba 289-1692



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By Car

Ten minutes from Matsuo Yokoshiba Interchange on Chiba Tougane Toll Road or 25 minutes from Narita Interchange on Higashi-Kanto Expressway.

By Train

Bus from Matsuo Stn. on JR Soubu Honsen / Narita Station on Narita Line.

By Bus

Twenty minutes by bus (wagon taxi) from Keisei Higashi-Narita Stn., but service frequency is limited; please ask the company in advance.

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This information is information as of September 17, 2014.

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