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HALAL DOSA BIRYANI Iommorunaritaten

Enjoy enchanting Indian cuisine made with dozens of spices at this restaurant!
The authentic biryani dish is cooked with basmati rice and a spicy soup in a dedicated pot. So please don't forget to eat that.
[Highly skilled chefs welcome guests with authentic taste]
◆ Specialty biryani, and the flavorful curries are popular.
◆ Enjoy delicious dishes such as Afghani Lamb Chops or Samosa, etc., alongside an Indian beer or wine! They go amazingly well together.
[We happily accept lunch parties and private reservations!]
The simple, yet highly luxurious interior was inspired by palaces in India.
Enjoy delicious cuisine while overlooking the beautiful Tokyo scenery.
Free wi-fi, and foreign language menus are also available.

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Uingutsuchiya 24Aeon Mall Narita 2F, Narita City, Chiba  286-0029

Opening Hours

11:00 - 22:00

Regular Holidays and Rest Days

Open year-round


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This information is information as of May 20, 2020.

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