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Updated:September 17, 2014

Meat and Dairy Products


In Chiba prefecture, about 40,000 cows are carefully raised in a mild climate. As for pork, Boso Pork C has been implementing traceability (production information) prior to other prefectures in Japan, and information on production history can be checked from its homepage. In the prefecture, there are ham workshops for ham making using in-house produced pork. Each workshop uses strictly selected materials and carefully produces ham with as little preservatives or the like as possible.


Dairy products

In 1728, Yoshimune Tokugawa imported white cows from India, raised them in Mineokamaki (currently Minamiboso city) in Chiba prefecture, and produced Hakugyuraku (something like today’s butter) – this is considered to be the beginning of dairy husbandry in Japan. Mineokanochi (Maruyama, Minamiboso city) was designated in 1963 as a historical site of Chiba prefecture as the birthplace of Japanese dairy husbandry.

In the prefecture, about 1,200 dairy farmers raise about 50,000 milk cows. The production of raw milk is about 300,000 tons, which is the third highest in Japan. As Chiba is closer to the mass consumption areas of Tokyo and Kanagawa than its rivals, fresh milk can be delivered quickly using expressways and the Tokyo Bay Aqua Line.