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Updated:May 25, 2021

About This Site


Copyright to the content presented in this website is held by Chiba Prefectural Tourism & Local Products Association (hereinafter “the Association”) or stakeholder. The use of any copyrighted material on this website, through duplication, reproduction, lending, distribution, selling, and so forth without permission, regardless of whether it is for profit-making or non-profit purposes, is strictly prohibited.

About links

  1. In principle, no restrictions are imposed on links to the Japanese homepage (http://maruchiba.jp) or the multilingual homepage (http://japan-chiba-guide.com) of this website. If you wish to incorporate a link to this website on your website, we request that you notify us of the content and URL of the website, the reason why you wish to provide a link to this website, your name, and your contact information from the contact page. Please fill in the contact form in Japanese or English.
    contact page.
  2. Note that a request to link to this website may be refused if the purpose of the website is in direct conflict with the goals of this website or if the website is deemed harmful to the public's trust in the Association.
  3. In principle, the Association does not accept requests for the inclusion of links on this website.
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  1. The Association takes every care to ensure the quality of the information presented on this website, but the Association shall not guarantee that the information is 100%valid and 100%accurate.
  2. The contents of this website (including the regulations on use) and its URL are subject to change or deletion without prior notice.
  3. The Association assumes no responsibility for any direct or indirect damages or inconvenience caused to users resulting from the use of the information provided on this website.

Privacy policy

The Association states and enforces the following articles on the handling of information that can be used to identify an individual, such as names, e-mail addresses, and telephone numbers (referred to as "private information" hereafter):

1.Use of private information

The Association assures the secure collection, use, and management of private information and uses such private information solely to respond to the demands and inquiries made by users.

2. Protection of private information

The Association shall never provide nor disclose information that is collected by the Association from users and which could lead to the identification of an individual to a third party without the prior permission of that person, except in those cases subject to a private information protection

3. Collection of user information

The association collects private information through this website, explicitly presenting the purpose of the collection and expressing that the collection is made only within the necessary range for the purpose, and accepts the provision (registration) of private information only when the user allows it.

4. Community Guidelines

Community Guidelines( External link )


Chiba Prefectural Tourism & Local Products Association

Address: Tsukamoto Dai-chiba Bldg. 9F,

2-3-1 Fujimi, Chuo Ward, Chiba City, Chiba Prefecture 260-0015, Japan

Phone: 043-225-9170 (Mon. to Fri., 9:00 to 17:45)  Fax: 043-225-9198

Please inquire in Japanese or English.

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