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Updated:March 18, 2021

Goriyaku-no-yu Hot Springs

Nature, Experiences

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Located in the nature-rich Yoro Valley, Goriyaku-no-yu is a great place to experience Japanese onsen (hot spring) culture. Visitors here can enjoy a warm bath in their indoor and outdoor hot springs. The on-site restaurant offers guests seafood, meat, and noodle dishes.

 Helpful Tips

Enjoy a light hike to Konjin Falls, which is located on the Goriyaku-no-yu property. Goriyaku-no-yu is also located just 800 meters (about 0.5 mi) upstream from Awamata Falls.

General Information

Location Name Goriyaku-no-yu Hot Springs
Address 176 Yashiu, Awamata, Otaki-machi, Isumi County, Chiba
Hours & Admission Closed Wednesdays, Thursdays
Admission Fees Adults 1,100 yen, Elementary school students 700 yen, Children (3 yrs or older) 550 yen, tax included
Parking Available

 Access & Directions

By Car Ken-O Expressway:  From Kisarazu-Higashi IC (50 min.)
Public Transportation  By train
120-minute walk from Yorokeikoku Station on the Kominato Railway
 By bus
From Iazusa-nakano Station on the Isumi Railway/Kominato Railway, take the bus bound for Awamata/Goriyaku no Yu, 3-minute walk from Awamata Goriyaku no Yu Stop

Other Information

Foreign Language Information Displays Some part available

Contact Information

Facility Name Takimien Kenkomura Goriyaku no Yu
Home Page https://www.goriyakunoyu.jp/
Other Information 0470-85-0056