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Updated:March 18, 2021

 Old Samurai Road "Hiyodorizaka Slope"

Nature, History and Culture

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The scenes along this bamboo-lined walking path are said to have hardly changed since the days of the samurai. Nowadays, the slope is a popular spot for people looking for a perfect photo backdrop. Some people even rent a kimono or hakama just to come here to take a picture.

 Helpful Tips

Hiyodorizaka Slope is located within walking distance of the Old Samurai Houses of Sakura, Sakura Castle Ruins Park, and the National Museum of Japanese History. In addition to walking, rental bicycles are also a convenient way to tour these historic sites in Sakura. Bicycle rentals are available at the Tourist Information Office outside of JR Sakura Station's North Exit.

General Information

Location Name Old Samurai Road "Hiyodorizaka Slope"
Address Jonai-cho 5-23, Sakura City, Chiba
Hours & Admission Open year-round
Parking Available at Bukeyashiki Parking
 *When Bukeyashiki (samurai residences) are closed, not available. The number of cars is limited.
Sakura Joshi Park Free Square Parking
 *8-munte walk

 Access & Directions

By Car Higashi-Kanto Expressway: From Sakura IC (20 min.)
Public Transportation  By train
20-munute walk from Keisei Sakura Station
15-munute walk from JR Sakura Station


Contact Information

Facility Name Sakura City Tourism Association
Home Page https://www.sakurashi-kankou.or.jp/
Other Information 043-486-6000