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Updated:March 18, 2021

Sawara no Machinami (Historic Streets of Sawara)

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Sawara is a town called “Hokuso no Koedo” (meaning a "Little Edo" in the Hokuso area) and still retains some streetscapes from the Edo period along the Ono River and Katori Kaido Road. The town was chosen as an Important Preservation District for Groups of Historic Buildings for the first time in the Kanto in December, 1996. As many shops in Sawara have been following their family business for generations, the town is recognized as a “living townscape.”

 Helpful Tips

Boat-riding on the river while seeing the streetscape of Sawara, which is called Koedo, in a leisurely manner, is recommended.

General Information

Location Name Sawara no Machinami (Historic Streets of Sawara)
Address Along the Ono River and the Katori Kaido Road in Sawara, Katori City, Chiba (National Important Preservation District for Groups of Historic Buildings)
Parking Available

 Access & Directions

By Car Higashi-Kanto Expressway: From Sawara-Katori IC (10 min.)
Public Transportation  By train
5-minute walk from  Sawara Station on the JR Narita Station
 By bus
From Tokyo Station, take the Kantetsu Green Bus bound for Hokota Station, get off at Tadatakabashi Mae Stop, or take the Keisei Bus/Chiba Kotsu bound for Choshi via Taiei, 10-minute walk from Sawara Station North Exit Stop

Other Information

Foreign Language Information Displays English
Foreign Language Pamphlets English, Chinese (Traditional), Thai

Contact Information

Facility Name Tourism Group, Commerce and Tourism Section, Life and Economy Department
Home Page https://www.city.katori.lg.jp/sightseeing/multilingual/index.html
Other Information 0478-50-1212