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Updated:April 6, 2021

Awanokuni-Ichinomiya "Awa Jinja" Awa Shrine

History and Culture






According to legend, Ame no Tominomikoto, the deity and leader of the Awa Inbe family, came to settle the land of the Awa Province over 2,670 years ago. At that time, he built a shrine here to honor his ancestor, Ame no Futodama no Mikoto.

Today, pilgrims from the local Awa area and visitors from all over the Kanto region gather here to pray for good luck, health, and prosperity for their families and businesses.

Ame no Futodama no Mikoto, the festival god of this shrine, was a god Japan’s industrialization.

 Helpful Tips

<2020 Cherry Blossom Information>
When in full-bloom, the cherry trees that line the walkway from the torii gate to the main shrine create an arch of beautiful cherry blossoms.
□ Best viewing period: Mid-March to mid-April
□ Cherry Tree Varieties: Someiyoshino Yoshino Cherry (late March to early April); Higan-zakura (mid-March); Yae-zakura (mid-April); Oshima-zakura Prunus speciose (late March). About 200 cherry trees in total.
<New Year Shrine Visit>
This shrine is popular with both locals and out-of-towners during the season for the traditional New Year shrine visit.

General Information

Location Name  Awa Jinja Shrine
Address  589 Daijingu Tateyama City, Chiba
Hours & Admission  8:30-17:00 (praying 6:00-18:00)
Parking Available: Regular cars about 50 cars. Large vehicles: about 3.

 Access & Directions

By Car  30 minutes from Futtsu Tateyama Road・Tomiura IC
Public Transportation  From the JR Uchibo Line Tateyama Station. Take the JR bus bound for "Awa Shirahama" get off at the bus stop "Awa-jinja mae" and walk for 5 minutes.

Other Information

Foreign Language Pamphlets  English

Contact Information

Facility Name  "Awa jinja" Awa Shrine
Home Page

 http://awajinjya.org/ (Japanese only)

Other Information 0470-28-0034
Historical Landmark. Scenic Spot.
Designated cultural asset/historic site by Chiba Prefecture.