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Updated:January 28, 2021

Sambanze museum of environment Funabashi

History and Culture ,Experiences

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General Information

Location Name Sambanze museum of environment Funabashi
Address 40 Shiomi-cho, Funabashi City, Chiba
Hours & Admission 9:00-17:00, Closed Mondays (if a holiday falls on a Monday, the museum will be closed on the following non-holiday weekday), December 29-January 3
 *Open during the spring and summer vacations
Admission Fees Adults 400 yen, High school/college students 200 yen, Elementary/Junior high school students 100 yen, Elementary/Junior high school students who live or go to schools in Funabashi City: free, Preschool children: free
Parking Regular cars 500 yen, Large vehicles (including minibus) 2,200 yen
For large vehicles reservations required.

 Access & Directions

By Car Keiyo Road: From Baraki IC -> Baraki side exit -> Turn left at the first crossing -> Go forward toward Funabashi Chuo Pier
Public Transportation  By bus
From Funabashi Station South Exit on the JR Sobu Line/Keisei-Funabashi Station on the Keisei Line/Futamatashimmachi Station on the JR Keiyo Line (Futamatashinmichi Bus Stop), take the Keisei Bus System bound for Funabashi Kaihin Park, get off at the final stop (25 minutes)
 *It may take 30 to 50 minutes because of heavy traffic.

Other Information

Hands-on/Practical Experience Programs Field work (looking for creatures in tidal flats, bird watching, plant observation, beach combing), star watching, craft making workshops, anatomy workshops, cooking workshops, special/themed exhibitions, lectures
Informational Site Tours Observation and learning (water tanks, specimens for display), video watching at the theater, creature observation at tidal flats and Kaihin Park, Diversity Information Room watching

Contact Information

Facility Name Sambanze museum of environment Funabashi
Home Page https://www.sambanze.jp/
Other Information 047-435-7711