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Updated:March 29, 2021


We have divided Chiba Prefecture up into four areas to present their attractions. The first area, in the north-west, comprises the Bay and Tokatsu areas. With convenient access to Tokyo, most of the prefecture’s population lives here. Its main tourist attraction is Tokyo Disney Resort, in Urayasu City, which welcomes many guests from overseas as well. To the north-east lies the Hokuso area. In addition to Narita International Airport, it is home to a number of popular tourist attractions, including Narita-san Temple in Narita City and Choshi Fishing Port in Choshi City. To the south is the Kujukuri area. This includes several bathing beaches, Kujukuri Beach in particular, making the area a mecca for marine sports. Then, at the tip of the Boso Peninsula, lies the Minami-Boso region. The mild summers and winters make for a pleasant climate, and places like Kamogawa City and Tateyama City are popular as resort destinations.

Bay and Tokatsu Area

The bay area has many large-scale facilities such as Tokyo Disney Resort and Makuhari Messe, and you can enjoy experiences full of events and amusement features throughout the year. The Tokatsu area has museums and reference libraries centering on local history and climate, and improved city parks. You can enjoy a day trip and recreational activities taking advantage of water resources including rivers and lakes, as well as agricultural tourism in all seasons.


Hokuso Area

There are many shrines and temples including Narita-san with 10 million or more visitors in a year, and this area has resources blessed with a historical climate and culture including festivals and traditional industries.



Kujukuri Area

This area consists mainly of Kujukurihama coast extending 66 km, and you can enjoy marine sports utilizing the coastline and beaches and seashore recreation including tourist fisheries throughout the year.





Kazusa-Minami-Boso Area

The Kazusa-Minami-Boso area is a beautiful resort spot at the southern part of Chiba Prefecture. In early spring, you can enjoy the vast scenery of flowers that bloom in the area. Furthermore, because the area is surrounded by the ocean, there are many restaurants that serve fresh seafood such as abalone, Japanese lobsters, etc. In addition, leisure spots such as Mother Farm and Kamogawa Sea World are very popular.