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Updated:March 18, 2021

Yoro Valley

Nature, Experiences






The Yoro Valley is situated at the center of the Boso Peninsula, and is known as one of Chiba Prefecture’s most prominent hot spring areas. Many visitors come to the Yoro Valley to see the beautiful red foliage in the fall, but it is also popular year-round for its many popular hiking trails and waterfalls.

 Helpful Tips

Popular Locations:
・Yorokeikoku Station (Kominato Railway)|Google Maps Plus Code: 7585+HP Ichihara, Chiba
・Yorokeikokukannon Bridge|Google Maps Plus Code: 7546+2M Otaki, Chiba
・Awamata Falls|Google Maps Plus Code: 659J+MX Otaki, Chiba
・Goriyaku-no-Yu (Hot-springs) |Google Maps Plus Code: 657P+H6 Otaki, Chiba

General Information

Location Name Yoro Valley
Address Otaki-machi, Isumi County/Ichihara City, Chiba
Hours & Admission Peak season
Fresh green walking: Apirl-June, Playing at river, Walking: July-August, Autumn leaves: late November-early December
Parking Paid parking available

 Access & Directions

By Car From Tokyo, Chiba: Tateyama Expressway: From Ichihara IC -> National Route 297 bound for Otaki -> Prefectural Road Route 81 from Ushiku -> Yoro Keikoku Valley (about 36 km, 50 min.)
Ken-O Expressway: From Ichihara Tsurumai IC -> National Route 297 bound for Ichihara -> Prefectural Road Route 168 -> Yoro Keikoku Valley (about 16 km, 20 min.)
Public Transportation By train and bus
Goi Station on the JR Uchibo Line -> Kominato Railway Yoro Keikoku Station (1 hour) -> Yoro Keikoku Valley by bus
Ohara Station on the JR Sotobo Line -> Kazusa-Nakano Station (50 min.) -> Yoro Keikoku Valley by bus

Other Information

Informational Site Tours Volunteer guide service available (paid, reservations required, Ichihara City Tourism Association Station Information Center, 0436-96-1609)
Foreign Language Pamphlets Available

Contact Information

Facility Name Yoro Valley
Home Page https://www.otakikankou.net/( External link )
Other Information 0470-80-1146

External Links

Link Title Yoro Keikoku Valley Hiking Map, www.yorokeikoku.com( External link )