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Updated:April 1, 2021

Model Day Trips

Model Day Trips June 2020 - March 2021

Minamiboso Drone Tour


March 2021 - Fly around the southernmost point of Chiba Prefecture by drone. Enjoy the views of this rugged Pacific coastline from above!

Choshi & Asahi - Pacific Coast Tour


February 2021 - Tour Chiba's Choshi City and explore the Byobugaura sea cliffs, a 10km coastline stretching from Choshi to Asahi City.

Hiking Mt. Nokogiri


January 2021 - The amazing ocean views and historic sites at Mt. Nokogiri make it one of the most beloved sightseeing spots in Chiba Prefecture.

Sakura & Shisui Model Day Trip


December 2020 - Sakura and Shisui are a quick trip from Narita International Airport and are great places to experience traditional Japanese culture...

 Yoro Valley Walking Tour


November 2020 - This walking course includes stops at two waterfalls and Goriyaku-no-yu hot springs in Chiba's Yoro Valley...

Minamiboso Cycling Tour


October 2020 - We took a bike tour around the beautiful countryside of Minamiboso, guided by BOSO Adventure Tours...

Isumi City Food Tour


September 2020 - Two Isumi City locals took us around to four of their favorite eating spots in this charming rural seaside city...

Makuhari New City Model Day Trip


August 2020 - A number of Japan's world-class facilities make their home in Makuhari, but we wanted to share some of our favorite local spots in the area...

Kamogawa City Model Day Trip


July 2020 - We followed a model course in Kamogawa City, which is located in a hilly region on Chiba's southern Pacific Coast...

 Matsudo City Model Day Trip

June 2020 - Matsudo City is located right along Chiba's border with Tokyo, making it a great day trip destination from Tokyo and Chiba alike...

Model Day Trips 2016

  Bay and Tokatsu Area

 Hokuso Area

 Kujukuri Area

 Kazusa and Minami-Boso Area