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Updated:May 14, 2015

Museum of Aeronautical Sciences

“Twenty-eight foreign students from China, Taiwan, Korea, Indonesia, Sri Lanka, Mexico, Germany, and the U.S. joined the tour.

Museum of Aeronautical Sciences is close to Narita International Airport and visited by more than 200,000 people every year, allowing visitors to look closely at airplanes. Visitors can see an actual plane and a model of Boeing 747 and experience simulation flight using a pilot training system.


Airplanes were near Museum of Aeronautical Sciences. I was happy to see the history of airplanes and an actual engine. (German female in her 20’s)
It was informative to see the scenery of an old Japanese city for the first time. (35-year-old Chinese female)
was impressed by the world of airplanes. (Chinese female in her 20’s)