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Updated:September 17, 2014

Fireworks Festival (July, 24,2013 UP)

Makuhari Beach Fireworks Festa(Chiba City)

August,3,2013 19:30-20:30

12,000 fireworks with Nishiki Kamurogiku as a main type of fireworks are set off during the ending three minutes.

Kisarazu Port Festival (Kisarazu City)

August,14-15,2013 19:00~21:00

Yassai Mossai Dance” is performed on August 14, and a fireworks show is held on August 15.Yappe dance festival is held.

Suigo Omigawa Fireworks Display (Katori city)

August,1,2013 19:00~21:00

The most traditional fireworks display in Kanto, which started in 1908, announces the opening of the river.

Choshi Minato Festival Fireworks Display (Choshi city)

August,3, 2013 19:30~20:50

About 5,555 fireworks are shot up, including starmines and set pieces.

Along with the fireworks display, a Yappe dance festival is held.

Onjuku Fireworks Display (Onjukumachi)

August,1, 2013 20:00~20:40

Conducted mainly on the beach in Suga district, on the approximately 2 km-long Onjuku beach.

Night booths are lined up all over Tsukino Sabaku Street from the beach.

Tateyama Tourist Festival, Tateyama Bay Fireworks Display (Tateyama city)

August,8, 2013 19:030~20:45

This is the main summer event of the City of Tateyama. The show is highlighted by more than 100 large and small fireworks set off all together, which is called Imperial-Scale Starmine, and underwater fireworks that are set off directly