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Updated:August 6, 2015

Flowers in All Their Glory, All Year Round

Beautiful seasonal flowers in all their glory

Chiba Prefecture faces the Pacific Ocean and is blessed with a warm climate where various beautiful flowers bloom gloriously year round. These flowers, which show a different side of themselves each season, are bound to soothe the soul!

Get an early taste of spring with early spring flowers (blooming between January and March)

Spring is when you’ll feel the charms of Chiba’s flowers the most. Kyonan Town is one of the three biggest regions in Japan for daffodils. Pretty daffodils bloom all at once starting in December, exemplified by “Daffodil Road,” which sees some five million daffodils in full bloom. All around the air is filled with the refreshing scent of daffodils. Even in winter you can enjoy rape blossoms (the prefectural flower), poppies, stocks, calendula, sea lavender, snap dragons, and other flowers in Minamiboso, where you can feel the warmth of early Spring on your skin even in winter. For example, the rapeseed fields at Mother Farm are the largest in the Tokyo metropolitan area. Cherry blossoms and tulips are in full bloom across the prefecture from March to May. There are also related festivals being held, such as the Tulip Festival in Sakura City’s Sakura Furusato Square, that keep the prefecture lively every year.

From red to pink – An abundance of brilliant spring flowers (blooming between late March and May)

You can enjoy a variety of flowers at Country Farm Tokyo German Village, but it’s the moss phlox that bloom all over like a pink carpet when at their best from late March to mid-April.
There are rose gardens in various areas that delight visitors with bright roses that start blooming in May. From Yachiyo City’s Keisei Rose Garden, one of Japan’s premier rose gardens, to the City of Sakura Rose Garden, Narashino City’s Yatsu Rose Garden, and others, there are many urban farms within easy reach.

Summer, a season of elegant, calming flowers (blooming between June and August)

Hydrangeas bring color to the rainy season. Matsudo City’s Hondo-ji Temple, also known as “Hydrangea Temple,” Tako Town’s Ajisai Park, and Country Farm Tokyo German Village are well known for them, as is the famous Mamenbara Kogen, a well-known, cool highland regions with stunning views where they last from early to late July, which is later than in the plains region. This is also the best time to see irises as well. Famous spots to see them include

the Katori City’s Suigo Sawara Aquatic Botanical Garden, which is home to the most varieties in the East, Sakura City’s Sakura Castle Park, and Sodegaura’s Sodegaura Park. And the height of summer, when the sun shines brightly down, is the best time for them at Narita Dream Farm, where you can also enjoy the sunflower maze. June to October is the best time for Momoiro-Toiki (a type of pink petunia), at Mother Farm. They dye the mountainsides of Minamiboso a brilliant shade of pink.

Autumn flowers – look its best in cool season (blooming between September and December)

As the sun’s strong rays gradually abate and leaves begin to change in autumn, you’ll find cute, colorful cosmoses in pink, white, and red in bloom. Famous spots for cosmoses include Sakura City’s Sakura Furusato Square, Kashiwa City’s Akebonoyama Agricultural Park, and Katori City’s Yodaura District. At Mother Farm in Futtsu City, you can enjoy seeing cosmoses and deep red sage in bloom.