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Updated:April 1, 2015

The Japanese have a collective term for foods harvested and enjoyed in each of the four seasons: shun-no-mono (flavor of the season). All flavors of the season are deliciously sweet, savory, and nutritious. One category is especially popular and of the highest quality in the world. Let’s take a look at the fruits of Japan. Countless varieties of delicious fruit grow in Chiba Prefecture, from everyone’s favorite strawberries, to pears and loquats for which Chiba is one of the largest producers in Japan, to the relatively new dragon fruit. Many areas of Chiba invite visitors to pick in-season fruit and enjoy it on the spot, and have on-farm stands selling freshly picked fruit. Visit any one of them and get a taste of the flavor of the season.

King of strawberries! Delight in the large fruit of the Aiberry

Strawberry picking is in season at farms in Chiba from winter to spring. Tohnosho Town, in northern Chiba, is famous for the Aiberry breed known as the king of strawberries. The now rare Aiberry can grow up to double the size of ordinary strawberries. It features juicy flesh and an exquisite balance between sweet and sour. The section of National Route 126 called Strawberry Road, lined with on-farm stands and greenhouses, is one of the largest strawberry picking destinations in the Kanto region. The secret to the area’s popularity is that producers use organic fertilizer and very little chemicals in efforts to cultivate delicious and safe strawberries. Also with a Strawberry Street lined with on-farm stands along National Route 356, and nighttime strawberry picking in the easily accessible Chiba City, strawberries are plentiful across the prefecture.

Relish Japanese pears from a major production region

Chiba is one of Japan’s largest producers of pears. Pears are grown throughout the prefecture taking advantage of the ideal soil and climate coupled with the advanced cultivation techniques of long-established orchards. When the harvest starts, many farmers open shop and offer their pick for direct sale along National Route 464, dubbed Omachi Pear Street. The various breeds of pear from Chiba available between early August and mid October are popular for being juicy and fragrant. Recently they are used to make local sweets like cake and jelly.

Harvest increasingly popular blueberries

A must-try in Chiba in summer is blueberry picking. Blueberries are in season between June and September (the peak is July and August), and visitors are welcome to pick them in areas including Chiba City neighboring Tokyo, and Kisarazu in southern Chiba. The sweet, large blueberries from Chiba are increasingly popular with foreign tourists, too.

Pick and taste high-quality melons from Chiba

Chiba is a producer of brand melons renowned nationwide for their high quality. The Nagaiki Melon, for instance, features a sweet flavor born of the soil and climate of the Kujukuri area. Some farmers welcome visitors to pick these exquisite melons and taste them on the spot.

Specialty loquats from Chiba

Loquats are a leading local specialty of Chiba. Loquats grown in Chiba are of the highest quality in Japan, featuring a larger fruit than other breeds and a first-class flavor. Loquat picking is a popular pastime that attracts crowds of visitors in early summer.

Tropical fruit, too!

The warm climate of Chiba allows cultivation of the tropical dragon fruit. Dragon fruit picking is in season up to early November, and some stores offer juice, ice cream, and jam as well as the fruit. Primary production areas are Awa and Kimitsu, which also cultivate passion fruit in season between July and August.