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Updated:September 17, 2014

The sunset on top of Mt. Fuji The diamond Mt. Fuji (Sep,30,2013 UP)

Just when the sun rises from and goes into the top of Mt. Fuji, a rare view that looks like a shining diamond can emerge. With Mt. Fuji combined with the shining sun, this phenomenon, called the diamond Mt. Fuji, is suitable to be described as an art created by nature.

I went to Funabashi Sanbanse Bay Park on February 16th and 17th, when the view of the diamond Mt. Fuji was expected to appear.

On February 15th, about 500 people gathered there to capture the rare moment.

Even though it became cloudy just before the sunset…

Report on February 16th.

Picture of people shooting the view

Funabashi Sanbanse is the only place where residents have contact with the sea after Sanbanse was lost due to reclaiming the coast. From there Mt. Fuji is viewable in the background of the urban areas of Ichikawa and Urayasu beyond Tokyo Bay. Especially in the morning and evening of a fine day in winter, an excellent view of Mt. Fuji is expected to appear.

In Chiba prefecture, in addition to Funabashi Sanbanse Bay Park, there is a total of fifteen points for viewing the diamond Mt. Fuji.

1.Noda city 

Gyokuyo bashi(December 20th〜22th)

2.Matsudo city

Kojo House in Kojogaoka Historical Park(January 29th、November 12th〜13th)

3.Kisarazu city

Obitsugawa estuary mudflat(March 17th、September 25th〜26th)

4.Futtsu city

Futtsu Park(March 30th〜31th、September 12th〜13th)

Tokyo Bay Kanon(April 4th〜5th、September 1st〜8th)

Mt. Nokogiri(April 18th〜19th、August 23th〜24th)

5.Kyonan town

Motona Beach(April 21th〜22th、August 21th〜22th)

Kisuura Beach (April 24th〜25th、August 18th〜19th)

6.Iwai Beach(April 29th〜30th、August 12th〜13th)

7.Tomiura (Minami-boso city)

Tomiura- Haraoka Beach(May 6th〜7th、August 5th〜6th)

Natural Park Daibo cape(May 8th、August 4th〜5th)

8.Tateyama city

Hojo Beach(May 13th〜14th、July 29th〜30th)、

Shiroyama Park(May 1st〜17th、July 27th)、

Itoshimoshiba(May 29th〜30th、July 13th〜14th)

9.Suigo Swara (Katori city) (February 3rd〜4th)

Hojo Beach