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Updated:March 20, 2015

Shibayama Haniwa Festival

Twenty-eight foreign students from China, Taiwan, Korea, Indonesia, Sri Lanka, Mexico, Germany, and the U.S. joined the tour.

It is said that ancient people began to live in Shibayama-machi 10,000 years ago, and many “Haniwa (clay figures)” made in the 6th and 7th century have been unearthed. The 26th festival of the ancient times, which can unite the generous-hearted residents with a serene expression on their face that resemble the Haniwa, is held this year. The festival goes beyond time and space to allow modern people to communicate with ancient people.

http://www.haniwakan.com/matsuri/top.html(External link)


The local people were excited about Shibayama Haniwa Festival, and I could eat local foods. I enjoyed the festival. We very often see only the street at scenic sites, and festivals planned for revitalization of the town are hardly included in tours. It was a precious experience in that sense. (German female in her 20’s)
I could eat a soup that I have never tasted at Haniwa Festival. (Sri Lankan male in his 20’s)
The interaction between the people in ancient clothes and the modern people was refreshing. (Chinese female in her 20’s)