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Chiba Prefectural Sekiyado-jo Museum

Chiba Prefectural Sekiyado-jo Museum is at the northernmost end of Chiba Prefecture and on the bank at the diversion point of Tone River and Edo River.
The Tenshukaku (castle tower) of the Museum is a replica of Sekiyado-jo. Sekiyado in Noda where the museum stands once prospered as a way station for transportation by water of Tone River.
Under the themes of “River and the industry concerned” and “Sekiyado Domain and Sekiyado,” the museum introduces the history of river improvement and transportation by water, as well as the history of Sekiyado Domain.

Basic Information


Noda City, Chiba



Toilet Facilities


By Car

Drive your car along Route 16 toward Kashiwa from Kazo IC on Tohoku Expressway, go toward Yuki from Nakazato Intersection, and you will arrive at the museum in 40 minutes.

By Bus

35 minutes by Asahi bus (bound for Sakai-machi) from Kawama Stn. on Tobu Noda Line

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This information is information as of September 17, 2014.

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