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Yoro Valley

Situated at the center of the Boso Peninsula is the Yoro Valley. The Yoro Valley is known as one of Chiba Prefecture’s most prominent hot-spring areas. Many visitors come to the Yoro Valley to see the beautiful red foliage in the fall, but it is also popular year-round for its many popular hiking trails and waterfalls.

Popular locations:
Yorokeikoku Station (Kominato Railway) | Mapcode: 35.266469, 140.159310
Yoro River | Mapcode: 35.253921, 140.161162
Maboroshi Falls | Mapcode: 35.227171, 140.174709
Awamata Falls | Mapcode: 35.219552, 140.182405
Takimien Kenkoumura Goriyaku no Yu (Hot-springs) | Mapcode: 35.217219, 140.186813

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Yorokeikoku Station (Kominato Railway) , Otaki Town, Chiba

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Mapcode: 35.266469, 140.159310

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Yoro Valley

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