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Tamasaki Shrine

Located at the southern end of Kujyu-kuru beach in eastern Japan (where the sun rises), the shrine has a history of more than 1,200 years.

A sea-goddess is enshrined here, and the shrine esteems and protects females, especially motherhood. From time immemorial, the shrine is considered to bring romance, bless couples with children, and ensure easy delivery and childrearing. It was reported that samurai warriors prayed here for their wives’ easy delivery in ancient times.

Kazusa Twelve Shrine Festival, a significant intangible folk cultural asset, is held in September every year. People celebrate the once-a-year reunion of the gods and goddesses, and more than ten portable shrines gather to celebrate this occasion. The scene of naked (loin-cloth clad) young men running at full speed on Kujyu-kuri beach against the backdrop of the ocean is gallant and overwhelming.

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