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Takabe Shrine

Because of the effect of the warm Kuroshio Current flowing off the coast, Chikura is a land of mild climate, being warm even in the midwinter and permitting raising flowers outdoors.
A variety of flowers, such as rape blossoms, antirrhinums, pot marigolds and stocks, come into bloom from late December through to late March.
You can gather your favorite flowers on the flower carpet spreading all over this extensive garden. In addition, you can experience dishes using flowers, rooms with fresh flowers, and sometimes a flower bath, at registered Hana-no-minshuku ryokan (Bed & Breakfast style small-scale ryokan).
At the Takabe Shrine, which is the one and only shrine in Japan dedicated to the god of cooking, the Hocho-shiki Ceremony (thanksgiving ceremony to kitchen knives) is celebrated twice a year.

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Minamiboso City, Chiba



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By Car

40 minutes from Tomiura IC, Futtsu-Tateyama Expressway from Narita Airport.

By Bus

Nittoh Bus for Awa Shirahama from JR Uchibo Line Chikura Sta.

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