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Seichoji Temple

Seicho-ji Head Temple, standing at the top of Mt. Kiyosumi, is closely related to Nichiren (a Buddhist monk).
Sennen Sugi (1,000-year old Japanese cedar), a national natural treasure, and 1,200-year old Hoshi-no-Ido (well of star) are in the precincts.
There is Asahi-ga-Mori, where the sun rises earlier than in any other place in Japan. Koku Bosatsu, a bodhisattva who ensures your academic achievements and protects you against evils, has been housed.
Lodgings are provided, and the vegetarian food (reservation necessary) has a good reputation.
There are many must-see places, such as a treasure hall and cultural assets. It is also a birthplace of Kyokushin Karate.

Basic Information


Kamogawa City, Chiba 299-5505




By Car

Kimitsu IC on Tateyama Expressway - Boso Skyline - Kamogawa Toll Road - Route 128 - Prefectural Road 81 - Seicho-ji Temple.

By Bus

Approx. 15 minutes by mountain bus from Awa Amatsu Station on JR Sotobo Line.

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Views and Scenery

Beautiful Sunrises

Cultural Properties

National Historic Sites, Ruins, and Places of Scenic Beauty|Prefectural Cultural Properties|Prefectural Historic Sites, Ruins, and Places of Scenic Beauty

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