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Michi-no-eki, Kawa-no-eki, Mizu-no-sato Sawara

The facility serves as a base of disaster preparedness for the downstream area of the Tone-gawa River, and as a marina for canoeing and other water activities taking advantage of the natural environment of the Tone-gawa River.
Michi-no-eki carries a wide range of items such as locally grown rice, vegetables, and fruit as well as boxed lunches and souvenirs.

Basic Information


Michi-no-eki, Kawa-no-eki, Mizu-no-sato Sawara


3981-2 Sawarai (Michi-no-eki) / 4051-3 Sawarai (Kawa-no-eki),Katori-shi,Chiba, Katori City, Chiba 287-0003

Opening Hours

Michi-no-eki: Local specialty store / food court 9: 00–19:00 (times vary by season)
Bussankan(products hall)9:00–18:00
Kawa-no-eki 9:00–17:00

Regular Holidays and Rest Days

Michi-no-eki: None
Kawa-no-eki: Mondays (the following day when Monday falls on a holiday), New Year’s holidays


Available    [Regular Vehicle Lots]136car(s)  [Large Vehicle Lots]22car(s) 

4 handicap parking spaces (wheelchair accessible)
20 large motorcycle parking spaces

Provisions for Muslims and Other Visitors

For information on pet accessibility, please see the shop guide.

Toilet Facilities


By Car

5 min. drive from Higashi-Kanto Expressway Sawara-Katori IC

By Train

15 min. walk from JR Narita Line Sawara Station

By Bus

5 min. walk from Chiba Kotsu / Keisei Bus Katori City Office
15 min. walk from Kantetsu Green Bus Sawara Station


Accessible from Sawara Station by foot, taxi, bus, and rental cycle

Other Information

Observational Programs

Guided tours of the disaster preparedness education gallery are available by reservation.
Visitors are invited to learn about the history of the Tone-gawa River and observe an experiment of a riverbank collapse.

Foreign Language Pamphlets

English|Chinese (Simplified)|Chinese (Traditional)|Korean

Best Time or Season to Visit


Universal Design

Automated External Defibrillator (AED)/Facility that Conforms with the New Barrier-Free Act/Braille Information/Parking for the Disabled (Wheelchair-Friendly)/Automatic Entrance Doors/Wheelchair Ramp/Elevator/Toilet with Handrails/Multi-Purpose Toilet/Diaper Changing Area/Baby Chair or High Chair/Ostomate Facilities /Wheelchair Rental /Nursing Room /Floor Height Difference in Facility /Steep Slope in Facility

Contact Information


Michi-no-eki, Kawa-no-eki, Mizu-no-sato Sawara

Telephone Number


Fax Number




This information is information as of October 9, 2015.

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