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Sakura Furusato Square

The Sakura Furusato Square was established for people to interact with nature in Inbanuma Pond and as a gesture of international goodwill. Sakura's relationship with Holland dates from the Edo Era, and was said to be 'west of Nagasaki and East of Sakura'.This history of cultural exchange has been continued with the establishment the Sakura Japan- Netherlands Society. The municipal organization celebrated it's 40th anniversary in 1994 when a windmill (De Liefde) was established as a symbol of brotherhood with Holland.

Basic Information


2714, Usuita, Sakura City, Chiba

Toilet Facilities


By Train

30 minute walk from Usui station via the Keisei Electric Railway

Other Information

Best Time or Season to Visit


Universal Design

Parking for the Disabled (Wheelchair-Friendly)/Toilet with Handrails/Multi-Purpose Toilet

Contact Information


Sakura City Tourism Association

Telephone Number


This information is information as of June 28, 2016.

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