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Diamond Fuji in Chiba city

Diamond Fuji, a mystical phenomenon where the setting sun overlaps perfectly with the peak of Mt. Fuji.
In Japan, Mt. Fuji is regarded as such a sacred mountain that Sengen Shrine was built on the summit. The sun as represented by the Japanese deity Amaterasu O-Mikami is also worshipped throughout Japan.
“Diamond Fuji”: a collaboration between Mt. Fuji and the sun, two Japanese objects of worship.
In Chiba City, which is home to the longest man-made seashore in Japan, it is possible to see spectacular views of Diamond Fuji across Tokyo Bay by changing locations slightly every day. The opportunity to admire the view from Chiba City is available every year in October and February for roughly ten days at a time.
If the weather conditions are just right, you can see from Makuhari Beach near Makuhari Messe.
Why not make a memory on the Chiba City shoreline and bask in the view of Diamond Fuji?

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October 2018 Diamond Fuji Observation Schedule:
View ①:The sun sets as if rolling down the slope of Mt. Fuji
View ②:The sun beautifully sets as if merging with the summit of Mt. Fuji
View ③:The sun sets on the left side of Mt. Fuji

A:Soga (Festival Walk Soga)
Sun., Oct 14 at 16:57, View ①
Mon., Oct 15 at 16: 57, View ②
Tues., Oct 16 at 16:56, View ③

B:Chiba Minato (Chiba Port Tower)
Mon., Oct 15 at 16: 56, View ①
Tues., Oct 16 at 16:55, View ②
Wed., Oct 17 at 16:54, View ③

C:Inage Beach (in front of Beach Center)
Wed., Oct 17 at 16:53, View ①
Thurs., Oct 18 at 16:51, View ②
Fri., Oct 19 at 16:51 View ③

D:Kemigawa Beach (near Inage Yacht Harbor)
Thurs., Oct 18 at 16:52, View ①
Fri., Oct 19 at 16:50, View ②
Sat., Oct 20 at 16:51, View ②
Sun., Oct 21 at 16:49, View ③

E:Makuhari Beach (near ZOZO Marine stadium)
Sat., Oct 20 at 16:51, View ①
Sun., Oct 21 at 16:47, View ②
Mon., Oct 22 at 16:47, View ②
Tues., Oct 23 at 16:46, View ③

※ Depending on the weather, Diamond Fuji may not always be visible.


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This information is information as of September 4, 2018.