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Yakitori Koshitsu Izakaya Kamadoka Funabashiten

Now accepting party reservations!
【Party menu】 Raku Course(¥2300) 8 dishes
◆Black beans ◆daikon radish salad ◆Bonito fish tartare ◆2 kinds of skewers ◆spicy chicken skewer ◆4 deep-fried dishes ◆fried ramen ◆dessert
Add unlimited drinks for just ¥1200, and enjoy top-shelf spirits for only ¥500 more!

*Wedding after-party course with unlimited drinks also available at ¥1980 *We bring you fabulous food and atmosphere. Inquiries welcome.

Basic Information


Honcho 4-3-19Brocade shop Building 3F, Funabashi City, Chiba  273-0005

Opening Hours

12:00 - 21:00(L.O.20:30, Drink L.O. 19:50)
Friday & Saturday & Day before holiday 17:00 - 5:00, the following day(L.O.4:00)
Monday - Thursday & Sunday & Holiday 17:00 - 3:00, the following day(L.O.2:00)

Regular Holidays and Rest Days

Open everyday


Other Information

Contact Information

Telephone Number




This information is information as of June 1, 2021.

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